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With the increasing demand for faster and more efficient construction solutions, and with solid walls letting through more heat than newer builds with cavity walls, finding materials that work together and achieve Building Regulation standards has never been more important. 

When looking for a lightweight, budget-friendly option, EcoTherm delivers the perfect partnership of insulation and plasterboard with its Eco-Liner

EcoTherm Eco-Liner is an insulated plasterboard that enables internal wall insulation in one easy application without impacting on the interior space. This internal insulation is ideal for upgrading the thermal performance of existing buildings by insulating from the inside. It can be used internally on solid walls, cavity walls or to line timber frame walls, but also to line the underside of pitched roof rafters to create a room in the roof.

By using Eco-Liner homeowners will improve the thermal performance of their walls. The boards also respond quickly to heating systems and provide a cost effective means of reducing CO2 emissions for compliance with Building Regulations.
The UK’s housing stock is estimated at approximately 24.5 million dwellings, of that approximately 36% consist of non-cavity wall construction – solid brick, solid stone, pre 1944 timber frame and non-traditional, i.e concrete construction.
National Insulation Association
Did you know..
  • Solid wall construction, non-traditional construction and non standard cavity are the categories that are most difficult to treat for insulation
  • Most homes built before the 1920s are likely to have solid walls
  • Most of these houses are privately owned, with 65% belonging to the Private Rented Sector
  • 6.6 million properties have solid walls which represent 31% of the total housing stock
  • 48% of the 326,000 high rise flats in England have solid walls
  • Solid Wall properties tend to be more difficult and expensive to improve in terms of adequate insulation and heating - but are worth it in the long run!
By insulating a solid wall with internal wall insulation at a detached property in England, Wales or Scotland, you could save £415 on energy bills a year.
Energy Saving Trust
The advantages of solid wall insulation (internal wall insulation) are...
  • Can help with condensation problem
  • Makes your home warm and cosy
  • Reduces fuel bills
  • Saves up to 45% of heat loss
  • Minimum disruption for the householder
  • Internal Wall Insulation: quick and easy to install, improves the thermal efficiency
If you live in a home with solid walls, 45% of your heat is escaping through the walls which is costing you money. Insulating the walls will dramatically prevent heat loss in the winter.
National Insulation Association

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Installation guidelines

EcoTherm Insulated Plasterboard Eco-Liner Dot and Dab Adhesive Installation Guidelines

EcoTherm Insulated Plasterboard Eco-Liner Mechanical Fix Installation Guidelines with Battens

Things you might have wondered about EcoTherm Eco-Liner but never had the chance to askā€¦!

Why can’t I dot ‘n’ dab Eco-Liner on a solid wall?
The risk of moisture penetration onto the insulation is higher in a solid wall application. We recommend using a mechanically fixed option for this application instead.
Can I use Eco-Liner below rafters/joists?
Eco-Liner is suitable to be used below rafters/joists. The boards would be installed at right angles to the rafters and supported on all four edges.
What facing is on the back of the Eco-Liner boards?
Eco-Liner features a bilaminate foil/kraft paper facing, allowing it to be installed using plaster dab adhesive or by being mechanically fixed.
Can Eco-Liner be used over existing plasterboard?
In certain situations it can be installed over existing plasterboard, however the application and installation of this plasterboard would determine the possibility of this. Please contact our Technical team for more information on this.
Where is the VCL on the Eco-Liner board?
The VCL is located between the PIR insulation and the plasterboard internal finish.
How do I create a VCL with the board?
Once the Eco-Liner boards are correctly installed, the board joints can be covered using a plasterboard tape and plaster skim. 
Can you dot and dab and mechanically fix the Eco-Liner boards?
Yes, Eco-Liner is suitable for both applications.
Does Eco-Liner act as an integral VCL?
Eco-Liner has a VCL which is suitable for standard domestic applications. For areas of higher humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen, additional guidance is required.
Can Eco-Liner be used around window and door openings to reduce cold bridging?
It can be used around these opening to help reduce cold bridging. A thinner layer of Eco-Liner, such as the 37.5mm thickness, would suffice.
Can Eco-Liner be fixed to the existing plaster finish?
It can be provided that the surface is dry, clean, stable and free from dust, contamination and loose or friable materials. For sound existing plasterwork, Eco-Liner can be bonded directly using walnut sized dabs of proprietary adhesive at 300mm centres vertically/horizontally.
What is the fire performance of Eco-Liner?
Eco-Liner has a Euroclass of B-s1,d0.
Can Eco-Liner be fixed on a damp wall?
Eco-Liner should not be installed onto a damp wall. Remedial work should be undertaken to remove dampness before installation of the boards. Internal wall insulation must not be used to isolate dampness.
What type of fixings can be used to install Eco-Liner?
Please see the installation guidance shown in the Eco-Liner literature for more information on fixings.
What are the nailable plugs for in a dot ‘n’ dab application?
The nailable plugs provide additional support for the Eco-Liner boards. These ensure the boards stay in place should the adhesive fail.
Can heavy fixtures, such as radiators or cupboards, be used over Eco-Liner?
They can. A mechanically fixed option would be recommended for installing the Eco-Liner boards if heavy fixtures and fittings will be used over the boards, as this will provide greater support for the linings. Please contact EcoTherm Technical for more information on this application.
How can the Eco-Liner boards be finished internally?
Eco-Liner’s plasterboard internal finish is suitable for a plaster skim finish, or any internal finish which is suitable for use with a standard plasterboard.

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