Easy to fit - Insulation Installation

EcoTherm Insulation boards are light in fact, they're up to seven times lighter than traditional insulation materials.

Delivered in convenient, compact packages, the boards require half the volume of traditional material with the same insulation value. So there is a reduction in storage space, transport and manual handling.

Due to its rigidity EcoTherm insulation is easy to cut and simple to fit. Boards are easily fixed by employing any number of traditional techniques. PIR insulation is fibre free, so unlike other forms of insulation no skin irritation can be caused by handling EcoTherm products.


Handling & cutting tips:

  • Do not drop boards.

  • Damaged boards should not be used.

  • Wear appropriate hand and eye protection.

  • To cut use a sharp knife or fine tooth saw.

  • Cutting with power tools generates non-hazardous dust, so should be kept to a minimum.

  • Do not breathe in dust, avoid contact with skin and eyes.

  • Ideally all operations which produce dust should be carried out in well ventilated conditions; where possible a dust mask selected in accordance with BS EN 149 should be worn.

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