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EcoTherm Rigid Thermal Insulation Boards

Polyisocyanurate (PIR), the basis of EcoTherm's rigid insulation boards, is a material invented in the 1930s and has been used as an insulation material ever since.  PIR insulation boards offer many advantages when compared with other traditional insulation materials, and over its useful life will save 80 times more energy than was used to make it.

EcoTherm Insulation comprises a rigid PIR insulation core sandwiched between two high performance facings to create a tough, durable, light weight insulation board that performs whilst reducing the overall cost to build.


Features and Benefits of EcoTherm Insulation


Excellent thermal performance

EcoTherm's PIR insulation boards achieve low lambda values, as low as just 0.022W/mK.

PIR users require approximately half the thickness of traditional forms of insulation to meet the same level of thermal performance - don't adjust your standard construction design, optimize the space you save.

Achieve current and future UK Building Regulations / Standards

With ease and minimal insulation thickness, providing thinner constructions and more space to the home owners or building occupants. 

Choosing an insulation with good thermal performance will contribute to a thermally efficient building - return on investment is redeemed after just a few years.


PIR boards are easy to handle and transport making installation much easier and quicker than traditional insulants.

Their low weight also lends themselves to modern methods of construction and lighter, supporting structures.



Lifelong thermal insulation – the need to replace PIR insulation is highly unlikely due to its rigidity, durability and excellent compressive strength.

It will not rot, sag or decay and will therefore continue to deliver designed insulation values throughout the lifetime of the building.


The insulation core and facings resist attack by mould and microbial growth.
Therefore there is not a need to replace decaying insulation.


EcoTherm boards have a fibre free insulation core, and therefore are non-irritant.

Easy to cut

Due to its rigidity and lightweight core, EcoTherm Insulation is simple to cut using a fine tooth saw.


EcoTherm® has the majority of its product range in stockists around the UK. Therefore most of EcoTherm’s products can be purchased or delivered quickly to meet your demanding schedule.

Time & money saving

EcoTherm produces speciality products, designed to cut costs and time from projects.

Our Eco-Liner is a 2in1 application board that insulates and dry lines walls at the same time, meaning only one board to cut, carry and fix.


Backed with BBA & LABC Approvals, Energy Saving Trust Recommendation and management systems certified to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007.

EcoTherm's customers can be assured to receive high quality, sustainable products and services.