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eco-versal between rafters roof insulation allows traditional forms of construction without modern problems of condensation

Pitched Roof Insulation Boards

EcoTherm®'s thin PIR insulation boards are ideal insulation for not only pitched roofs but loft floors, ceilings and dormer cheeks.

Achieve thermal standards with minimum hassle

EcoTherm's rigid insulation boards will easily and quickly achieve required thermal standards in pitched roofs without the need to alter the thickness of the construction or your method.  Equally, the risk of deterioration to the structure is reduced as condensation is minimised. Meet Building Regulations/Standards with ease using high thermally performing EcoTherm whilst taking a fabric first approach to insulating a house.  

Maximise your space

PIR insulation requires approximately half the thickness of traditional forms of insulation to meet the same level of thermal performance - don't adjust your standard construction design, optimize the space you save.  Achieve the same thermal performance and maximise your space. 

EcoTherm in pitched roofs:

  • Minimise potential condensation problems
  • Ideal for room in the roof - insulate the roof, cheeks of dormers and ceilings
  • Roofs insulated at rafter level create a warm roof; no pipe or tank lagging is required
  • Insulate over, between or below rafters
  • Cut the rigid boards quickly and easily to fit between rafters 



EcoTherm® Eco-Versal has a  fibre free rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core with composite aluminium foil facings on both sides


EcoTherm® Eco-Protect comprises a fibre free PIR insulation core board faced with pure aluminium foil on both sides.  Eco-Protect provides Class O fire performance.