Tough, loft flooring insulation boards.  Eco-Loft pre-insulated loft decking can be used for insulating and generating storage space in a one board application.


Designed specifically for upgrading the thermal performance of a loft floor and providing a safe storage option


Eco-Loft is a high performance rigid PIR foil faced insulation securely bonded to tough 18mm FSC certified chipboard.  For ease of installation the long edges of the chipboard are tongue and grooved.  Board dimensions are 450 x 1200mm

Eco-Loft features:

  • Upgrade the thermal performance of new and existing lofts whist maximising storage space
  • Save space - 75mm of Eco-Loft equates to 135mm of traditional insulation 
  • Creates a solid decked storage area in the loft 
  • Light and easy to handle 
  • Board format allows quick and easy installation in minutes 
  • Easily achieves thermal building regulations 
  • Non itchy
  • Insulation core and facings resist attack by mould and microbial growth
  • Does not provide any food value to vermin