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Floor Insulation Boards

EcoTherm® offer thin, rigid floor insulation boards suitable for solid, concrete, timber and suspended floors.

Whilst heat rises, it is also very important to insulate the floors as part of the ‘total building envelope’.  EcoTherm Insulation has excellent compressive strength which is advantageous when insulating a floor.  EcoTherm's insulation boards are suitable for the following floor applications:

  • Ground bearing concrete floors
  • Suspended hollow pot floors
  • Suspended timber floors
  • Foundations and roof perimeter
  • Remedial overlay floors 

For underfloor heating, Eco-UFH is the ideal solution with a tough membrane facing (no need for polythene overlay before screeing), gridlines for pipe guidance and superb clip retention.

Products - for floors


EcoTherm® Eco-Versal has a fibre free rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR)  insulation core with composite aluminium foil facings on both sides.


EcoTherm® Eco-UFH has a protected, supported aluminium foil on both sides with a fibre free polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core. The top surface is printed with a grid which make it easy to layout underfloor heating system pipes and also allows the pouring of screed directly onto the board.


Semi-exposed soffits

EcoTherm Insulation have developed products designed specifically for use in semi exposed soffits (car parks, office/residential blocks and also basements). Suitable for both new build and the refurbishment or upgrade of existing soffits, EcoTherm's 2 in 1 product insulates and provides a finished effect - 2 processes, 1 application.

Eco-Protect & Eco-Protect Plus

EcoTherm® Eco-Protect & Eco-Protect Plus provides thermal insulation solutions with Class O fire performance for semi-exposed concrete soffits (structural ceilings).