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Tapered Flat Roof Insulation

A flat roof should always allow for water channelling and drainage to prevent issues such as ponding. Ponding can lead to premature failures in the waterproofing system and the need to refurbish an area or the entire flat roof before the end of its intended design lifetime. Standing water will promote the growth of plants, moss and algae and, in extreme circumstances, can add to roof loading and an uneven deck. These issues will only contribute to a drainage problem and over time could cause the roof to fail.  Installing tapered insulation also negates the requirement for a structural roof fall, helping to reduce the overall cost of the roof.

By creating appropriate falls and drainage, a flat roof is more likely to last for its designed life by channelling water to outlets efficiently.  Tapered insulation is also ideal for existing roofs that may not already incorporate a structural fall. The boards can simply be installed on top of the existing waterproofing layer.

Building Innovation's cut to fall insulation designed for pond free flat roofs

EcoTherm Insulation is proud to partner Building Innovation who design and deliver schemes for new and existing flat roofs, as well as specialising in tapered insulation within terraces, landscaping, access ramps and car parks.

Building Innovation's product range offers insulation boards in a number of different tapered falls, thicknesses and waterproofing applications to suit project requirements, with factory cut pre-mitred hips and valleys to make the job even easier.  They can provide advice on the best insulant to meet the roof's requirements - whether that be thermal perofrmance, acoustic, environmental or even height or weight issues.

To find out more about tapered insulation and Building Innovation's services visit their website